Detailed Training Instructions

*PLEASE DO NOT BRING YOUR DOG ON A FLEXI-LEAD/RETRACTABLE LEASH.* These pose a trip hazard to the trainer/staff & other clients. A standard 6-8 foot leash is sufficient. If you do not have one we have some you may borrow.

Each dog goes through the course individually.



  • Training starts with either myself or my assistant calling your name or number (on card) & placing a collar on your dog. Then you will proceed¬†to the first station.
  • The first station contains a towel(s) that STINKS like rattlesnake. Walk your dog to the towel & allow your dog to sniff this towel for AS LONG as he/she wants.
  • Next walk your dog directly towards the live rattlesnake (approx: 10 feet away) ¬†Please do not walk AROUND the side of the snake.
  • After that I will pick up the snake & bring it towards your dog.
    (please try not to run away from me. I know it’s scary having a someone coming towards you with a snake on the end of a stick. But I really prefer not to chase you around the area)
  • Next, at the second station there is a snake or two in a caged enclosure. Walk your dog as close to the cage as possible.
  • Finally, At the third station there is a live rattlesnake out in the open. Walk your dog as close as possible to the snake.

 This is our “test” snake to see how your dog will react to the scent, sight & sound of the rattlesnake.

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