Below are emails we have received from clients who have previously gone through our training. Please feel free to read them, especially if you are having reservations about doing the training.

We have removed the last names of the client to protect their identity & we always make sure to get the client’s permission prior to posting their testimonial.


Hi, Steve –
      I just wanted to let you know how effective your snake aversion
training is. 
My Australian shepherd dog Ledger took it five years ago.  I have been wondering if I should repeat it since I had no way of telling if it was still effective since we hadn’t encountered any snakes.  Well, now I know.
  We were heading to the dog run/dog park at the end of our street in our RV park about 5 p.m. a few days ago. It’s a fenced-in area so I always let Ledger off leash.  There were no other dogs in there at the time. Ledger started out on his usual circuit of the  park, sniffing, peeing, etc. 
      All of a sudden he put on the brakes, put his head down to sniff and
backed up. 
I’m always looking for snakes when we’re in there but had never seen one.  I looked then and didn’t see one but I listened to what Ledger was telling me and directed him to another area to “do his business.”
    As we were heading out of the park a few minutes later, a man was walking out of the nearby desert with a big bucket and a scooper. He said he has just removed a rattlesnake from the very spot where Ledger was alerting. 
So now I know, his training is still working!
Thanks, Steve!

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